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Letter from Alabama 1-23-12


Glad to report that we are all doing just find after the tornado. I'm here in huntsville, AL which is in madison county way up north so we weren't affected at all by the tornado. I honestly didn't know anything about it untill we had a conference call about tornado safety procedures this morning. but yes all missionaries are safe and accounted for. It hit down in the Birmingham area which is two hours south of me. The birthday party sounds fun! Wish I could have been there for Dads Ribs that sounds marvalous! Sounds like quite the Biggest Loser competition the whole family is in on it and you even have a blog! Olivia and Abbey are doing it? We've had some pretty nice weather here like in the 50's all week and didn't rain much either. let's see well today I got another new companion. Elder Hortin went down to pratville he will be missed. So Elder Nelson and I are still together and we are also with Elder Reed. Which isn't too much of a change. He's one of the Zone Leaders that was living in our apartment before so I know him pretty well. But we'll all be together this week and then transfers are next week. Probably a good chance I'll be transfered next week with another visa waiter so I can practice portuguese. But I guess you never know so I'll have to keep you updated on that. Teaching is going well since taking over Winchester byrd Springs seems to have been slowing down. None of our investigators have been progressing much. But we have been teaching Jimmy in the winchester ward and he's progressing a ton. His baptism is set for feb. 12th and we asked him last night if he wanted to move it up since he's progressing so fast and he said he wanted to pray about it. So we'll see on that. But his faith is jsut incredible he seems to understand everything we teach him we thought word of wisdom was going to be a tough one but he said he doesn't do any of that stuff and doesn't want too. He also completely understands tithing and said he wants to help build up the kingdom of God. So we only have a few commandments left and than he's ready for baptism so that is definately a blessing. Might be a good chance I won't be there for the baptism though. so that's kinda sad:( but just keep pressing forward i suppose. Other than that kinda a slow week. Ever since spencer went to school though I haven't heard anything from him. Is he doing good? Is it still weird to have him be home, or being able to call him whenever? It just still seems wierd to me! that's awesome about will's Call! that came really fast! May 30th isn't that far away only for months. better than the 6 I had to wait. I have a buddy in the paris france mission he actually went to the MTC the week before me so I saw him there. His name is Brayden Maxwell. Ivan is actually next in line his birthday is in April. Then Johnny in may braxton in august and kyle in september. That's pretty exciting though! you'll have to keep me updated on where all these guys go! Well roll tide roll as another week here in Alabama is about to commence

Over and out
Elder Fogleman

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Dear Elder Fogleman,

What a surprise to receive an email from your mission president reporting that all missionaries were accounted for after the Tornado! We didn't even know that it was going on. This morning the new report showed home totally demolished and stated the counties but we arent sure where exactly you are located. Were you guys affected? I hope everyone is doing alright. How was your weekend? We had a big birthday party here for my brother Chris's birthday and had dad's ribs, a broccoli salad, garlic bread, baked beans, potatoe salad and cake! It was very delicious. We also all have started the "Biggest Loser" contest on our own! We all have gained so much (except dad) so he is our weigh master. LOL Anyway I have gained 34 pounds since my brother moved here and so, Stacy, Jordan, Laura, Uncle Chris, Omi, Olivia and Abbey and me are all on the program. Stephanie set up a blog so we can all go on it and get encouraged from each other, share recipes etc. Today I am going to the gym with Cindy we are going to do "gentle yoga". (you got to start somewhere) Sunday I stayed home from church after having an asthma attack during the night, and it rained and rained and is still raining! As I drove to seminary this morning (not really wanting to go out in the rain) I felt very melancholy as the thought crossed my mind how you kids went every morning early morning and never complained and how difficult that must have been sometimes! I am very grateful for that and want to say thanks for being so willing and enduring to the end. :-)

Well,how is the teaching going? How are the people receiving the gospel? How is your new companion? Have you seen the mission president lately? Br. Wagner said he sent you a package have you received it yet? He would have sent it to the mission home as that is what is on the back of the program. Will Guyman just got his mission call to Paris France! He doesn't leave until May 30th! I think Johnny is close to putting his papers in...doesn't he turn 19 next? or is it Kyle Gillingwater? Speaking of Kyle, br. Wagnere stopped by last night during the last 5 minutes of the game. He had been gone for the past two weeks in Florida

oh no!!!
I love you your on right now!!
Tanya Fogleman for

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