Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter from Alabama 1-23-12


Glad to report that we are all doing just find after the tornado. I'm here in huntsville, AL which is in madison county way up north so we weren't affected at all by the tornado. I honestly didn't know anything about it untill we had a conference call about tornado safety procedures this morning. but yes all missionaries are safe and accounted for. It hit down in the Birmingham area which is two hours south of me. The birthday party sounds fun! Wish I could have been there for Dads Ribs that sounds marvalous! Sounds like quite the Biggest Loser competition the whole family is in on it and you even have a blog! Olivia and Abbey are doing it? We've had some pretty nice weather here like in the 50's all week and didn't rain much either. let's see well today I got another new companion. Elder Hortin went down to pratville he will be missed. So Elder Nelson and I are still together and we are also with Elder Reed. Which isn't too much of a change. He's one of the Zone Leaders that was living in our apartment before so I know him pretty well. But we'll all be together this week and then transfers are next week. Probably a good chance I'll be transfered next week with another visa waiter so I can practice portuguese. But I guess you never know so I'll have to keep you updated on that. Teaching is going well since taking over Winchester byrd Springs seems to have been slowing down. None of our investigators have been progressing much. But we have been teaching Jimmy in the winchester ward and he's progressing a ton. His baptism is set for feb. 12th and we asked him last night if he wanted to move it up since he's progressing so fast and he said he wanted to pray about it. So we'll see on that. But his faith is jsut incredible he seems to understand everything we teach him we thought word of wisdom was going to be a tough one but he said he doesn't do any of that stuff and doesn't want too. He also completely understands tithing and said he wants to help build up the kingdom of God. So we only have a few commandments left and than he's ready for baptism so that is definately a blessing. Might be a good chance I won't be there for the baptism though. so that's kinda sad:( but just keep pressing forward i suppose. Other than that kinda a slow week. Ever since spencer went to school though I haven't heard anything from him. Is he doing good? Is it still weird to have him be home, or being able to call him whenever? It just still seems wierd to me! that's awesome about will's Call! that came really fast! May 30th isn't that far away only for months. better than the 6 I had to wait. I have a buddy in the paris france mission he actually went to the MTC the week before me so I saw him there. His name is Brayden Maxwell. Ivan is actually next in line his birthday is in April. Then Johnny in may braxton in august and kyle in september. That's pretty exciting though! you'll have to keep me updated on where all these guys go! Well roll tide roll as another week here in Alabama is about to commence

Over and out
Elder Fogleman

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 10:59 AM, wrote:

Dear Elder Fogleman,

What a surprise to receive an email from your mission president reporting that all missionaries were accounted for after the Tornado! We didn't even know that it was going on. This morning the new report showed home totally demolished and stated the counties but we arent sure where exactly you are located. Were you guys affected? I hope everyone is doing alright. How was your weekend? We had a big birthday party here for my brother Chris's birthday and had dad's ribs, a broccoli salad, garlic bread, baked beans, potatoe salad and cake! It was very delicious. We also all have started the "Biggest Loser" contest on our own! We all have gained so much (except dad) so he is our weigh master. LOL Anyway I have gained 34 pounds since my brother moved here and so, Stacy, Jordan, Laura, Uncle Chris, Omi, Olivia and Abbey and me are all on the program. Stephanie set up a blog so we can all go on it and get encouraged from each other, share recipes etc. Today I am going to the gym with Cindy we are going to do "gentle yoga". (you got to start somewhere) Sunday I stayed home from church after having an asthma attack during the night, and it rained and rained and is still raining! As I drove to seminary this morning (not really wanting to go out in the rain) I felt very melancholy as the thought crossed my mind how you kids went every morning early morning and never complained and how difficult that must have been sometimes! I am very grateful for that and want to say thanks for being so willing and enduring to the end. :-)

Well,how is the teaching going? How are the people receiving the gospel? How is your new companion? Have you seen the mission president lately? Br. Wagner said he sent you a package have you received it yet? He would have sent it to the mission home as that is what is on the back of the program. Will Guyman just got his mission call to Paris France! He doesn't leave until May 30th! I think Johnny is close to putting his papers in...doesn't he turn 19 next? or is it Kyle Gillingwater? Speaking of Kyle, br. Wagnere stopped by last night during the last 5 minutes of the game. He had been gone for the past two weeks in Florida

oh no!!!
I love you your on right now!!
Tanya Fogleman for

Friday, January 6, 2012

Letter form Alabama 1-2-12

Dear Family,

Another week has passed here in Alabama as well! I feel like a lot has happened this week. That's crazy tia flew in! where is she living now? is she still in israel? that must have been nice to have her in town. Spencer already drove back to Utah? that seemed super quick! who's car did he take? Shayla started school the day after new years?!! CUSD is a joke! haha I'm sorry that's kinda a bummer. New Years was alright didn't do much we went to visit a member new years eve and he invited us in for dinner we had chicken and french fries with fruit and stuff it was good. Wow melissa is married? crazy! Is he from Arizona? Braxton has a girlfriend from gridley?? is it that girl from oroville maybe? I didn't know he was still dating her. is he going to go back to school next semester? I would love to hear from him. I was told to only email family. I think maybe he can email me but I can't email him back but Idk. No update on my Visa. Elder Bacon got his Visa and is flying to Brazil on Thursday and Elder Doyle (one of the Elders that came out here from our district) Flew to Brazil today. So I don't really know what they are going to do with me. I hope I get to stay in Byrd Springs, because I'm really excited about the work here. We got a referel this week to go visit these people who malory the wife is a member (less active) and larry the husband is not a member but they just got married 6 months ago super cool couple and malory really wants to make church apart of her life again and Larry said he really loves everything about the church that he's heard so far. anyways we taught them the first lesson it went really well and they came to church yesterday and malory even bore here testimony so that was awesome! so I'm excited for them! You let shayla get High heels? o brother... hmmm. . . the dunhams don't ring a bell but if we haven't seen them for 16 years than I would've been 3 so probably don't remember. Did Will like it at SVU? I sure do miss all the people there! that was so awesome that They sent me a package with a shirt and tons a letters! it truly was christmas! I would like to write them back. Maybe you could figure out Zach Garner's Address for me and let me know. The address you gave me for Steve was his address in idaho not Virginia but I sent it there anyways hopefully he still gets it but I'd like a virginian address I can send it to. Did melanie just graduate from there or does she have one more semester? O and also All the priest in our ward sent me a package for christmas with letters that was super awesome. I wrote a letter back to them. Today for preparation day we went to the space and rocket center here in huntsville alabama. So that's why I'm writing so late. But it was pretty cool It's kinda where NASA all got started and they had a moon rock there and some really neat rocket ships like the real deal so pretty awesome. I'll have to send you some pictures next week. Other than that though it was just another week in Alabama. o I got a letter from sam and laura it was there christmas card. Man carolyn looked really grown up I had forgotten that they moved to michigan. but that's all the new stuff here. Love ya lots

Love, Elder Fogleman
On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 12:57 PM, wrote:

Dear Elder Fogleman,

Well another week has passed, and it still seems like the holidays here. Tia flew in on Friday and will be here till Friday this week. Grandpa is coming in on Wed and Steph extended her stay to visit. Jamie had to go home to work though. Spencer drove home yesterday to Utah, still doesnt have housing! School starts on Wed so he will stay with Steph until he finds something. Needless to say it has been crazy around here! Julian has earned the name "destroyer" and Luke has lost the title to him! Jullian is very busy and wanders the house taking things and throwing them and knocking them down or breaking them. LOL He is just very curious about everything. School started back today for Shayla but dad's office is closed. Did you have a nice New Years? Melissa Passantino got married in Arizona on New Years Eve. I saw Braxton at the dance for Student Ward that Dad is over, and he introduced me to his girlfriend from Gridley I think? He said he got your letter and asked for your address. Can he email you? or is that only for family? What is the update on the Visa's? Is Elder Bacon still there? Dad and Steph ran 3.1 miles this week, which is a 5k! The same one we did in Utah only she had to walk run that one! She was very excited! Shayla went to the New Years Eve dance and got all dressed up, I even let her buy her first pair of "high heels", they were red! I will attach a picture. Well, shoot my card reader would not read the chip in steph's camera! I will have to download them another way and attach it next week. But, here are pics of Tia from my camera.. Also, we had a surprise visit from Brett and Jenny Dunham! They use to be our assistant managers at Oak Meadow. We havent seen them in 16 years! Do you remember them? It was fun to catch up! Did you make any New Years resolutions? Its hard to believe its 2012! Oh, by the way we were attending the Student ward Dance and we ran into Melanie Guymand and Will. I didnt even recognize her, she asked about you and then proceeded to tell us how popular u were at SVU! Everyone knows Shaun Fogleman she said, and then Will said ya every time someone asked me where I was from and I said Chico they would say, "Do you know Shaun Fogleman?"! Melanie said, "He could run that school, everyone loves Shaun!" :-)
Well, I know that dad wrote a long letter and I want to attach some more pictures so I am going to do that before I miss your letter! You may be on the computer right now! :-)

Love ya lots,

Christmas Letter December 26

dear mother,

Feliz Natal is how you say it in portuguese haha but I appreciate the effort. It was good to hear from y'all as well too. I wasn't hesitant just didn't have too much to say. The rest of christmas was good we just chilled at the apartment watched some mormon message videos. Did you know luis lugo is in that mormon message video??? the one about temples! we were just watching it and then all of a sudden he popped up and I was like what the?? "I know that guy!" and Elder bacon was like "really?" ya wierd. nope we haven't had any zone conferences. yes the paxton's and I'll get an address for you next week. O and I made schnitchel today it turned out really good!! I couldn't find cornflake crumbs though so we used bread crumbs but it was still pretty good. Did you get the pictures I sent last week? I'm gonna send some more for ya! love ya!

Elder Fogleman

On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 12:56 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Elder Fogleman,

It was so great to see and hear you on Christmas day! You look great and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas! You did seem a little bit hesitant? Did you find it awkward or weird to do skype? Maybe it wasn't as personal as a phone call? Was it strange to have everyone hear what you are saying? How was the rest of your Christmas? Have you had any zone conferences? Everyone here is fine. We all ate tooo much! And then everyone stayed up until midnight and went to In and Out, only they were closed so then they went to Denny's! Steph and I went to bed! :-) The people you were with seemed real nice. The Packston's? Can you get me their address so I can send them a note? I am going to send this off right now incase you are on line. I want you to be able to get some mail, since we didn't get a chance last night......

Love ya,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scripture/ Quote of the Month

So Shaun and I (Stephanie) decided that because he has heard and read so many great quotes and scriptures that we would have a monthly Scripture/Quote that Shaun has chosen.

In honor of this Christmas Season, Shaun chose a scripture about the Savior

"And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: that he LIVES! For we saw him, even on the Right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the only Begotten of the Father- that by him, and through him, and of him the worlds are and created and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God"!

-Doctrine and Covenants 16:22-24

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Letter from Alabama 12-12-11

Dear family,

Things are still going pretty well. glad to hear someone got interested in the church through cuz we pretty much tell everyone we talk to about it and tell them to check it out. yes you told me about elder Olsen I haven't seen him I'll have to keep an eye out for him. My companion is good he's from vancouver WA. I haven't talked to the mission president or his wife since I got here but we will be having a christmas dinner party at their house tomorrow for the my zone (huntsville) and the madison zone. So that will be fun I'm sure there will be pictures up on the blog for that. Speaking of pictures I've taken a few and I will upload some for you next week. Yes we still bike a lot that's pretty much our only mode of transportation. The only time we ever use the car is for p-day and tomorrow since we will be going down to birmingham for the christmas dinner. Yes I remembered stacy's birthday Wish her a happy birthday from me! i can't believe she's 30! I also remembered it was st. Nicholas day sad I didnt get anything in my shoe haha. As far as christmas package goes idk. . . food probably I'm good with anything I guess a few things I like is lindor chocolates, cheeze its, (elder reed says mcdonalds) um but I can't really think of much else just good stuff I suppose haha. Um I haven't used either my bank of america account or my wells fargo account since I've been out here so I guess you could put the money in either. You really haven't heard anything from wolf???!! Can you please figure that out I should still have like another $2000 coming! I haven't heard from any of the other guys that came with me since we all got here so I have no idea if they've gotten thier visas or not. The people here are super nice they all believe in god and Jesus which helps and they all say the world needs more people like us but they are pretty set in their ways and usually not interested in learning more about our church. our stake did they're huge christmas festival this weekend they have it every year and the missionaries helped out we went on saturday and sunday it was really good! the choir and orchestra was amazing!! like one of the best I've ever heard and they had tons of nativity sets and they even had a live nativity set so pretty sweet. we met with our investigators micah and brad this week they are super nice and they read all teh chapters we gave them a couple times they took notes, brad even got the book of mormon on his Iphone and he he read the introduction and was trying to figure out all the history of the lamanites nephites and even the jaredites and he just had a ton of questions me and Elder Bacon didn't even know where to begin! needless to say I was pretty nervous. We were able to make it through though taught them about the spirit and recieving answers to prayers they have a hard time accepting anything but the bible but it seems like they are really trying so I hope their hearts will be softened!! I now even have my own pocket bible and I have seen eggbeater Jesus so I feel like a true alabama elder! (eggbeater jesus is just this huge mural and this church and where his feet should be it just looks like eggbeaters so everyone down here calls him eggbeater jesus.) Other than that nothing too new just learning everyday! Love you guys and I appreciate all your thoughts prayers and letters!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Letter from Alabama 12-5-11

Dear Family,

Things have been going well, not gonna lie this week has seemed like an eternity. Elder Nelson our "trainer" the one that had been here a month left for brazil on wednesday so it was just me and Elder Bacon all wednesday just figuring out how to be missionaries together on thursday though we got to do exchanges with the district leaders which helped and I think we're going to do that again tomorrow but other than that everything is a new experience to me and Elder Bacon. Yes we see the zone leaders a lot because they live in the same apartment as us. They said they wanted to go out with us on friday so that should be helpful too. I have never heard of 2 greenies being put together either but I guess we'll just learn as we go. My butt feels a lot better riding bikes still isn't the most comfortable thing but I can actually sit down now without too much pain haha. There are a lot of hills in Alabama which makes it pretty tough when you get to the point where you are peddling with all your might and you're not getting anywhere then we just get off and walk up the hill. We are teaching a few investigators

Mom- as far as weather the last few days have been really nice like in the 60's but before that we had days in the 30's so it did get pretty cold I've been borrowing a jacket from one of the elder's in our apartment. So maybe a jacket might be of assistance preferably black but I don't want you to send a bunch of warm clothes cuz then I'll just have to send them back when I leave. I will keep and eye out for an Elder Olsen! yes we got to watch the first presidency message it was really good I especially liked president uctdorf's talk and the movie was really good too. Sounds like spencer's having a blast doesn't sound like the same spencer to me going on all these dates and being the ladies man now haha

Dad- Glad to hear that you were able to make some sales this week. those tender mercies of the Lord tend to come in handy a lot. and while some blessings come from me and spencer serving missions no doubt that your faith in the lord has brought much of these blessings upon the whole family. You have always been a great example to me of a man with great faith always knowing the Lord will bless you if you just keep pressing foreword and keeping the commandments. Wow I can't believe that about the 49ers if they go to the superbowl this year I will be a little upset haha. The first presidency message was really good we did have the opportunity to go and watch it.

Well love you guys lots hope to hear from you soon!
Love Elder fogleman

Monday, November 28, 2011

First day's in Alabama plus pictures

Dear family,

Thanks for the pictures from the blog they were pretty cool! I bet you guys enjoyed seeing all those pictures. Pres. Hozalpfel taught at BYU? I did not know that! but they are both super nice president gave us like 4 hugs before we finally left and went on our way and sister hozalpfel is super energetic and super nice they did a good job welcoming us in and making us feel comfortable. My first area is the byrd springs area in huntsville, AL. it's pretty nice it's way up north it's one of the smallest area the church is like just across the street from where we live which is nice. I am companions with Elder Bacon (the one that flew with us to alabama from the MTC) and Elder Nelsen another visa waiter who has been here a month but is leaving next wednesday and then I guess it's just me and elder bacon. don't know how that will work out two guys in alabama less than a week to work the whole byrd springs area!!! We live with the Zone leaders Elder lofthouse and Elder Reed (they're pictures were on the blog) so I'm sure they will help but they're over a different area so still the responsability falls on us which is a little frightening!! Saturday was the first full day and all tell you what not one of the most fun days at all. Bikes definately aren't my thing When we came back for lunch on saturday I really thought I was going to die because they're are a lot of hills in alabama and we were going uphill through grass which makes it more difficult! but I said a little prayer to be able to make it through the day and right before we left again Elder Nelson told me about the gears on the bike and how they work. I sorta knew about the gears but kinda forgot about them so that was a good reminder and helped a lot throughout the rest of the day I felt that was one of those tender mercies of the Lord that I thought I'd share with you. It still wasn't easy though I don't think my butt has ever hurt that much in my life! and tracting was a new thing as well. This saturday was the Iron bowl between Alabama and Auburn The two alabama teams so everyone and their dogs were watching the game and so they didn't really want to listen to us. But most people were still really nice but everyone down here in the south has their own religion so mostly they weren't all that interested. Most of them are baptist. so it is definately a different experience it really felt a lot like I was selling pest control but hopefully I can retain a positive outlook and things will go better this week. Sunday was good The people in the Ward are all super nice it was really wierd being the Elder in an actual ward i felt that is what missionaries do. o wait I am a missionary haha but it was good met the ward mission leader he's new to the calling so I guess we'll both be learning but we'll be working with him. by sunday I actually got somewhat used to riding a bike it didn't hurt my butt as much but was still a lot of work. not too mention it rained all day! and we biked for 4 hours in the rain. I have never been so wet in my life! head to toe was soaked luckily I did have that one raincoat we got from mr. Mac's that helped. We visited a lot of less actives on sunday which was nice cuz they are generally nicer and let us inside and we talked to them about the recent ensign about general conference. And then the other big push that we talk about with just about everyone is and aobut the people on it and how you can make a profile and stuff so pretty cool. Have you guys ever heard of it? but I made it to P-day so enjoying the little break we get we have our first real lesson tonight with a new investigator we will teach them the restoration so hopefully that goes well. Sorry I couldn't be home to set up the christmas decorations I'm gonna miss that tell spencer he will have to take my place then. Wow that's impressive that spencer beat you on the 5k I would of thought with all the training you had dad that you could have whooped him lol. Nice to hear everyone was back for thanksgiving hopefully you gave them all hugs and told them I missed them I would've loved to see CJ he really has gotten super tall! I'm not sue on the seminary advice my favorite thing that most of my seminary teacher did that I really liked was they knew how to have fun but they could switch gears quick and bring in the spirit so if you can do those two things then you will be awesome! Elder lofthouse and Elder reed are pretty funny I enjoy having them around it's all a new experience I have to go grocercy shopping again and riding bikes and cars is not something I expected but hopefully it's all for the better! keep me posted on what's going on in Chico I miss and love you guys!

Love, Elder Fogleman

Arriving at the mission home

Filling out paper work

Getting their first bikes